Discover a unlimited potential for wall surface

Wall tile offers the ability to update your interior scheme with colour, texture and pattern and can play a crucial role in the overarching design scheme of a bathroom. 

The Romax wall ceramic tile boutique presents a vast range of solutions for designing wall space, a ceramic surfaces with a high level of aesthetic and technological potential.




Architecture and design with tile made in Romax

Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is characterised by being stronger, harder, purer, and more water resistant than these already durable materials. This inherent versatility gives it the ability to provide a number of benefits in a variety of architectural surface covering applications. 

Romax Porcelain ranges have been organised into different groups: Porcelain Wood , Porcelain Marble, Porcelain Stone, Porcelain Concrete, Porcelain Terrazzo, Porcelain Cotto, and Porcelain Minimalist - all idea for walls and floors.



The future of architectural surface

Made of natural raw materials, porcelain panels are through-body coloured, light-weight and economical. Pollution resistant and maintenance-free, porcelain panels offer an elegant, high-performance solution.

Made in Italy, Romax Porcelain Panel is manufactured by the latest System Technology and is intended to provide beautiful, functional, modern and original forms that enhance the environment through their practicality and aesthetic qualities.